Gateway to Malta

Folkes is your one-stop-shop for connecting to local Maltese organisations. We're working hard to link Malta to Europe-wide business and project opportunities. Folkes links these opportunities to the triple-helix of partners from Malta (research, companies and local/national government). It is therefore truly the first port of call for Maltese engagement.

Project Management Expertise

Folkes and its parent company have had over seven years' project management experience. In that time its services have developed to accommodate clients that require additional support.

Supporting engagement across Europe

Currently Folkes is providing business advice and support on how best to engage and exploit opportunities emanating from Brussels. Providing the latest intelligence on key policies and trends, Folkes organises events to help your organisation meet key personnel, understand the key issues and help you in your project management.

Expert advice

Folkes also offers bid writing services using our experience and close ties to the EU's institutions to provide expert advice, help you find and secure partners and ensure your projects are a success.