Name of Project : Job Trainer for People with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Acronym: JOB.TRA.DI.  

Name of Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme  

Action/Measure: LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer Of Innovation

Duration: 24 months  

Start Date: Oct 2013  

End Date: Oct 2015

Role of FOLKES: Partner  



The main aim of the project is the transfer of the products and the training programme funded in 2011 with ESF funds by Province of Reggio Emilia. It is a geographic, linguistic/cultural and functional transfer, from Italy to Austra, Spain, Malta, Belgium and from autism to a wider spectrum of intellectual and psychic disabilities.



The objective is the creation of job Trainer’s system of competences that:

·         analyze each individual’s disabilities and potentials with reference to their social context;

·         single out and select the host work context in order to meet the individual’s expectations, potential and sensorial charateristics, identifying the company goals and analysing the requested skills/abilities;

·         strengthen soft skills and abilities, as well as vocational ones that may favour the idividual’s job placement in the host context;

·         manage and foster the person’s job placement in the company

The second objective it will be the organization of the training programme organized in 4 UC on the model of the “Regional Qualification System” standards of Regione Emilia Romagna to cover which 7 TU foresee different methodologies (classroom, individual Project Work, in- context learning). The latter is the moment in which participants are given the opportunity to practice “on the job” the skills they have learned by “matching” an individual with intellectual disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorders who wishes to benefit from a job placement experience in a company on the free market.

The last objective is the creation of devices (tools, guidelines, protocols of use) that aiming at both the pedagogical organization of the job trainer’s course and its practical role.



·         Carry out analysis at the local level in the field of question and on expectation in its value in use;

·         Analyzing the prototype describing the lead of innovation;

·         Leader in Work Package number 3 ‘’Adaptation of the product’’;

·         Make testing and detects the expected real use of value of the product transferred;

·         Performs fine-tuning of the transferred prototype;

·         Attend all project meetings and the final Conference;

·         Contributes to the preparation of the final product;

·         Contributes in the dissemination and exploitation activities;

·         Collaborates in monitoring activities according to the defined Quality Plan.


The competence profile of “Job trainer for people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders”, at the end of the project will be able to:

• analyze the disability and the potential of individuals in relation to their own social integration;

• identify and select a host work environment that is up to the expectations, the potential and sensory characteristics of the individual, identifying organizational goals and analyzing the capacity / skills required;

• strengthen skills and soft skills (interpersonal / communication and logical / mathematical skills), as well as technical and professional skills adding value for the integration into the host environment/context;

• manage and promote the person’s employment in a company, taking care of the relative stages.

It will also be able to:

a)develop a training programme to carry out the Job trainer’s competences, including: entry requirements, contents, methodologies, schedule and tools/materials delivered at the end of the course.

b) create devices (tools, guidelines and usage protocols) aimed at both the pedagogical organisation of the job trainer’s programme and its practice.


·         CENTRO SERVIZI P.M.I. soc.cons. a.r.l.  – IT

·         Die Querdenker – AT

·         Autism Europe aisbl – BE

·         Fundacion INTRAS – ES

·         Foundation for Long Lasting Knowledge Economy Strategies (FOLKES) – MT



Please see the presentation below for an overview of Folkes' project experience